TNA Impact starts with all of the lumberjacks surrounding the ring in anticipation for the match. The crowd seems really into it. Loud boos for Bobby Roode and huge cheers for Sting. I’m surprised that they did not have Jeremy Borash in the ring to do formal introductions.
The match starts and Sting unleashes with a series of shots that sends Bobby Roode into the turnbuckle. Sting whips Roode into the turnbuckle and Roode goes down. Then, Sting swings Roode and Roode does a flip to try and sell the move. It was one of the worst things that I had ever seen in a wrestling ring. Roode flipped and landed clumsily on his shoulder Roode, let Ric Flair and only Ric Flair do that move, please.
Roode counters with a thumb to the eye of Sting and smacks Sting in the chest. Sting feels nothing and strikes back with a couple of shots. He does a hip toss on Roode and attempts to do the Scorpion Death Lock, but Roode rolls out to the ropes. He avoids the lumberjacks outside the ring. Sting grabs him and lays him across the ropes. He kicks him in the midsection and throws him out of the ring. The lumberjacks throw him back into the ring. Sting does an atomic drop. Sting misses a Stinger Splash attempt and Roode sends Sting to the outside of the ring. Sting tries to avoid the lumberjacks by going back into the ring real quickly. Some of the heel lumberjacks attack him briefly on the outside.
Roode comes near Sting and Sting hits him with the shoulder block. Sting whips him into the turnbuckle and does a back-body drop. Roode goes into the outside briefly and the lumberjacks send him back into the ring. Roode tries to avoid Sting but ends up pulling Sting to the outside. The heel lumberjacks attack Sting on the outside. They throw him back into the ring. Roode gets a 2-count on a pin attempt. Roode stomps Sting, holds his legs and gets a 2-cont on the pin attempt. Roode does a shoulder block and backs Sting into the turnbuckle. Roode does a knee drop and gets a 2-count.
Roode does a waistlock and has him in that hold for around a minute or so. Sting counters with some back elbow shots. Sting whips him to the turnbuckle but meets the boot of Bobby Roode. Roode stomps him and throws him back outside towards the heel lumberjacks again. Up to this point, Roode has done about one legitimate move the whole match (ughh) as the heel lumberjacks attempt to attack him, Sting attacks every one of them as the program goes to break.
The program comes back with Bobby Roode stomping on a fallen Sting near the turnbuckle. Roode does a vertical suplex and gets a 2-count. Roode then throws Sting AGAIN back outside of the ropes to the heel lumberjacks. (Are you kidding me?) The heel lumberjacks attack him and throw him back in the ring. Roode sends Sting to the rope and unleashes a series of slaps and punches. Sting eats Roode’s attacks and hits Roode with some punches of his own. Sting whips Roode to the turnbuckle and hits him with the Stinger Splash. Roode rolls out near the heel lumberjacks. The heel lumberjacks protect Roode from the other face lumberjacks looking to send him back to the ring. Sting leaps to the outside and lands on the heel lumberjacks. Sting rolls him into the ring and attempts a Scorpion Death Lock but it is reversed by Roode. Roode hits Sting with the Crossface. Sting grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Roode attempts a vertical suplex but Sting reverses into the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting does the Scorpion Death Lock and Roode taps out.
Hulk Hogan comes out and praises Sting as Impact’s #1 man. Really? Wouldn’t TNA want someone in their prime to be their #1 man? He says that Robert Roode and Sting will lock it up at Slamanniversary for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Backstage, Madison Rayne is discussing the debut of Brooke Hogan tonight. She believes that she and Hogan will get along.
Bully Ray is in the ring with a Microphone. He gets the crowd rile up by screaming “Do you know who I AM!!” Bully Ray calls out Joseph Park, who is in the crowd eating popcorn. Bully Ray reminds everyone of what he did to Joseph Park last Thursday via instant replay. Bully Ray challenges Joseph Park to come in the ring again. Joseph Park is hesitant to get into the ring. He tells Bully Ray that he is not a fighter and refuses to get in the ring, even though he is coming near the ring. Bully Ray eggs him by calling his entire family cowards. Joseph Park gets pissed and climbs over the guardrail but is held back by security guards. Bully Ray orders security to get away from Joseph Park. Park gets into the ring. Bully Ray continues to egg him on mercilessly. Joseph Park continues to insist that he is not a fighter. Finally, Bully Ray changes his plea from not guilty to guilty. He admits he left Abyss for dead. Joseph Park grabs Bully Ray and has Bully Ray pleading for mercy. Bully Ray threatens to sue Joseph Park if Park hits him. Park lets go of Bully Ray and attempts to take the high road. Bully Ray calls Joseph Park a coward and leaves the ring.
Now, Joseph Park attempts to call Bully Ray back into the ring. Bully Ray comes near the ring but then tells Park that they will fight at Slamanniversary.
This segment left me a bit confused. I have rarely seen a promo where the courageous and cowardly roles switched hands between wrestlers simultaneously.
A lengthy Crimson promo is displayed. Crimson is shown afterward saying that he cannot he beat.
Aries and Sabin lock horns quickly. Aries catches him quickly in a headlock. Sabin reverses him with a series of flips and does a hip toss on Aries. Sabin throws him into the turnbuckle and misses his move. Sabin goes into the rope and Aries does a nice flip move on Sabin. Afterward, Sabin and Aries do a series of reversals. Aries misses a drop-kick attempt. Sabin does a fore-arm shot on Aries at the turnbuckle. Aries reverses Sabin’s whip into the turnbuckle. Sabin goes to the outside and does a ring slip which rolled up Aries. However, Aries reverses it into a drop-kick on Sabin. Aries gets a 2-count. Aries does a perfectly-executed rolling head-butt. He quickly follows it up with a flying elbow and gets a 2-count. What a talent Austin Aries is. This is the guy TNA needs to be pushing all the way to the top very soon. Later, Sabin would catch Aries with a big boot. Sabin tries a crucifix pin attempt, but is reversed. Sabin would attempt another sophisticated pin attempt a short time later, but gets a 2-count. Sabin kicks Aries in the mid-section. Aries would attempt to do a back-body drop, but Sabin would land on his feet on the outside of the ring. Aries would quickly do a roll and kick Aries to the ring floor. Aries would do a suicide dive through the middle ropes.
Aries brings him back into the ring and went on the top rope, but Sabin caught him before he did s move. Sabin has Aries hanging upside down on the turnbuckle. He attempts a dropkick, but misses. Aries hits a missile drop-kick off the top-rope. Aries misses with another dropkick near the turnbuckle. Sabin knocks him out of the ring with a baseball slide dropkick. Sabin hits him with the Misdirection outside of the ring. Sabin lays Aries’s body across the ring ropes and hits him with the neck breaker. Great match. Sabin gets a 2-count. Sabin put Aries on his shoulders but Aries fights him off. Sabin was able to get Aries on his shoulders again for a fire-man’s carry and is reversed by Aries into a pin and the 3-count.
WINNER: Austin Aries
Hulk Hogan is seen thanking Tazz for stepping up lately. He also thanks Tazz for the help in helping in the decision-making process when it comes to the Gut-check segment.
Al Snow, Tazz and Bruce Pritchard are meeting in order to make a final decision whether Joey Ryan should have a contract with TNA. First of all, Tazz looks very big and out of shape. Wow. The three men discuss Joey Ryan’s look. Al Snow did not seem to have a problem with his look because it is quite unique. Pritchard believes he looks like a 70’s reject and that he is trying to be something that he is not.
Pritchard mentioned that Joey Ryan had more fan support on Twitter than Alan Silva. Silva was a gut-check competitor that won a TNA contract. However, Tazz was bothered by Aries’s lack of passion when it came to facing a competitor like Austin Aries. He did not think that Ryan took the match seriously. Al Snow disagrees with Tazz. Pritchard seems to be on the fence when it came to Joey Ryan.
Jeremy Borash is with the possible competitors for the Television Title match against D-Von tonight. The competitors include Mr. Kennedy, RVD, Jeff Hardy and Jersey Shore Rip-off Robbie E.
Dixie Carter comes out to a tepid response. She mentions the upcoming 10th anniversary of TNA. She makes an error when she mentions Slamanniversary to be September 10th. Yikes. She announces that there will be a TNA Hall of Fame and that the first inductee will be announced at the night of Slamanniversary. Dixie Carter introduces Brooke Hogan as the new executive of the Knockouts division. Considering that the Knockouts division is a strength of TNA, how much help does it possibly need? SMH. Brooke Hogan did not get a very good response from the TNA crowd. Dixie Carter states that she looks forward to all of what Hogan is going to do in the Knockouts division.
Brooke thanks the TNA crowd for welcoming her with open arms. Ironically, there is little response as she is speaking. Awkwarddddd. Brooke basically thanks the TNA crowd, Dixie and the Knockouts division. She knows that she has some really big yellow shoes to fill. Honey, you cannot fill Hogan’s shoes. No matter how much you try. Sorry.
Meanwhile, Daniels and Kazarian are seen in the back. They are disappointed that Dixie Carter did not come clean with her alleged affair with A.J Styles. Daniels declares that the evidence will be revealed after he beats A.J Styles tonight.
D-Von comes out to the ring and awaits the fan’s choice for his opponent tonight. Jeremy Borash reveals that Jeff Hardy won the opportunity with 40% of the fan’s vote. Robbie E is very upset while the other wrestlers took the result a little earlier.
D-Von and Jeff Hardy lock horns and D- Von catches Jeff Hardy in an armbar. They reverse each other a couple of times. After a brief head-lock, Jeff Hardy pushes D-Von off the ropes but D-Von knocks down Jeff with a shoulder-block and gets a 2-count. Jeff Hardy responds with a quick leg sweep and gets a 2-count. Jeff Hardy misses a lariat and D-Von gets Jeff Hardy in a school-boy for a two-count.
They lock horns again. D-Von whips Jeff Hardy into the turnbuckle. Jeff Hardy pushes himself off of the turnbuckle and catches D-Von in a head-scissors. But D-von catches Jeff Hardy quickly in a clothesline. D-Von does a scoop slam and then misses a flying head-butt. Jeff Hardy catches D-Von in an Enziguri. Jeff Hardy lands a top-rope move on D-Von but only gets a two-count. Jeff Hardy misses a turnbuckle move and D-Von catches him for a jumping neck breaker. He gets a two-count. D-Von tries to hold Jeff Hardy down. He hits him with an elbow drop and gets a two count. Jeff Hardy reverses a potential scoop slam and hits D-Von with the twist of fate.
Jeff Hardy prepares to go for the Swanton Bomb off the top rope. However, there is interference from Robbie E and Rob Young on the outside. The match is thrown out. Both Robbie E and Rob Young work on the outside. They go to work on Jeff Hardy. However, D-Von comes to Jeff Hardy’s aid. D-Von catches Robbie E with his patented neck-breaker and does a jaw-breaker on Rob Young. He does a clothesline on Rob Young in the turnbuckle. Jeff Hardy would do a drop-kick on Rob Young in the turnbuckle. D-Von and Jeff-Hardy would clear the ring of the competitors. This was a decent match between two in-ring veterans. One wishes it would have gone clearly.
A video is shown of James Storm in his home. The video shows James Storm walking with his young daughter while she is riding a horse. Storm is reflecting on his loss to Bobby Roode at Lockdown. He is disappointed that he lost in his home-town. He is disappointed at the people that he let down by losing. He let his family and friends down. During the video, James Storm’s daughter asked her daddy if he’s going back to wrestling. That part seemed a bit too staged for me. They should have found another line for her to say that was not so obviously rehearsed. At that point, James Storm asked for the camera crew to cut the video feed off.
Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Bruce Pritchard, senior vice president of talent relations in TNA. Al Snow and Tazz are also in the ring. They are in the ring to make their final ruling on whether Joey Ryan has a TNA contract.
Joey Ryan comes into the ring. Quite honestly, he looks like a character from the 70’s. He comes into the ring and puts his leg on the top rope as he awaits his decision. Jeremy Borash asks Joey Ryan if he thought that he gave it his best last week. Joey Ryan asks the judges if they know who they are standing in front of. He talks about his name is trending worldwide on Twitter. (Sooo WWE, come on Dude). He mentions the online poll that was mentioned earlier by Pritchard in the meeting.
Pritchard makes his decision first. He tells Ryan that he has a heck of a lot of talent. However, he is not impressed with how Ryan has not able to make significant traction in his career after 12 years. Thus, Pritchard’s answer is no.
Al Snow makes his decision next. He tells Joey that he does not like him or his attitude. He does not like the fact that he walks around like he already got the position. However, he says he cannot base his decision on whether he likes him or not. He thinks that Ryan has what it takes to be a TNA star. Thus, Al Snow’s answer is yes.
Borash gives Ryan one last promo to advertise himself for this position. Ryan gets at Pritchard for saying no to him despite the fact that he had support in the online poll. He question’s Pritchard’s legitimacy. He tries to appeal to Tazz, hoping that he would rule in his favor. He says that he is money and that where he comes from, you just do not leave money on the table.
Tazz makes his final ruling. He says that Ryan is out of his mind for the promo that he just cut. Ryan tries to get in Tazz’s face. Ryan mocks him for being a commentator. Tazz gives Ryan an emphatic no Ryan is pissed and the two men nearly come to blows.
Tazz picks up the mic again and indicates once again that Ryan screwed up the biggest opportunity of his life with a bad promo. Tazz tells Ryan to work on his skills and come back at another time.
Styles and Daniels lock horns. Styles forces Daniels to the side turnbuckle. The referee breaks it up and Daniels slaps Styles in the face. Daniels goes out of the ring and is chased down by Styles. They both get back into the ring. Daniels avoids a lariat by Styles and goes into the ropes. He gets slapped down by Styles. Styles whips Daniels into the ropes and hits him with a missile dropkick. Daniels gets a couple of shots briefly, but Styles elbows him and forces him into the turnbuckle. Daniels reverses Style’s whip into the turnbuckle and nails him with a right hand. Daniels hits him with a couple of shots. He whips Styles into the side turnbuckle and is met with a boot. Styles slam Daniel’s head on the turnbuckle from the outside. Daniels snaps Style’s head on the ring ropes. Daniels goes back into the ropes and shoves Styles into the steel guardrail on the outside. Daniels goes into the outside and kicks Styles in the midsection as we go to break.
We come from break and Daniels has Styles in an armbar in the middle of the ring. Daniel lets go of the armbar and does a scoop slam on Styles. Daniels jumps into the middle ropes and does a nice splash on top of Styles. Daniels get a 2-count. Styles is caught in a chin-lock but puts his knee on the middle ropes to break the hold. Styles comes back with a series of shots and slaps that forces Daniel into the turnbuckle. However, Daniels would stop AJ’s momentum and swing him into the turnbuckle body-first. Daniels attempts to do a back suplex, but Styles lands on his feet. Styles hits him with a lovely dropkick. Both men are down for the count. They both get to their feet. Daniels misses a forearm shot and lands on the turnbuckle. Styles hits Daniels with a series of shots. Styles lifts Daniels in what Tazz quoted as an “old school” backbreaker and then slams him down for a pin-attempt. He gets a 2-count. Daniels recovers and forces Styles into the turnbuckle. Daniels lifts Styles into the turnbuckle and hits him with a strong right hand. Styles reverses a turnbuckle attempt and hits him with a flying forearm off the middle ropes.
Styles kicks Daniels in the midsection. He attempts to whip Daniels into the ropes but is reversed by Styles. Styles elbows Daniels, does a back-flip but is caught by Daniels. Styles gets out of Daniels hold and tries an inverted DDT, but Daniels reverses that into a snapmere takeover. After a series of reversals, Styles hits Daniels with the Pele. Styles attempts the Styles Clash, but Kazarian comes to the ring.
Styles knocks Kazarian to the outside. Daniels catches Styles in the school boy and gets a 2-count. Daniels misses a forearm shot and is hit with the reverse inverted DDT. Styles gets the cover and the win. Great main-event match.
After the match, Kazarian hits AJ from behind. He stomps on AJ repeatedly and hits him with a series of shots. If one watches closely, Kazarian is seen missing some punches on AJ from close range. His hand actually hits the floor. BOTCH CITY. Kurt Angle comes to the ring to assist AJ. He hits Kazarian with the German Suplex and locks him in the Ankle Lock. However, Daniels would hit Angle with a low blow. Daniels and Kazarian do the HI-Lo on Kurt Angle. They take out a plastic lock and wrap Angle’s hands to the bottom ropes. Styles would come to Angle’s rescue briefly, but is hit with the belt by Kazarian. Kazarian and Daniels continue to lock both hands of Angle into the bottom rope. They are having a hard time doing it as Angle tries to fight out of it. Daniels hits Angle with the tag-team title belt.
Daniels asks for the microphone. He reminds everyone of the previous evidence that he and Kazarian have shown regarding AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. They say that they have strong evidence of an affair between Styles and Carter.
A.J Styles and Dixie Carter are overheard having a conversation. Dixie asks A.J if he is coming this weekend. A.J says that he would not miss it for the world. However, Dixie makes it clear to A.J that their encounter was supposed to be kept a secret from “him.” A.J indicates that there is no way that “he” will find out.
All of a sudden. Dixie Carter goes to the announce table and rips the headset from Tazz. She is pissed and demands that the video be turned off immediately. She says “Punch the damn button!!, Punch the Damn Button!” The program cuts off with Dixie screaming and yelling.
Uh-ohhhh. Has Dixie been busted? I like the overall cliff-hanger for next week.
Overall, there were just four matches. TNA’s strength in its programming is the large amount of matches that they have. They need to get back to that for next week. There were no Knock-out matches. The Knockouts division is their strength. It is sad that the Knockout division had to be shut-down for the program and only mentioned in regards to Brooke Hogan.
The matches were good for the most. The best match was their main-event match, Styles vs. Daniels. However, Austin Aries is a great talent in the ring. He has a bright future in this industry.
I felt that the back-stage segment in which Pritchard, Al Snow and Tazz were discussing the future of Joey Ryan was largely unnecessary. That could have been replaced with a match. The backstage segment made the Gut-check segment largely predictable. We already knew that Tazz did not like him. We already knew that Al-Snow liked him. Thus, the only surprise would be in the decision by Bruce Pritchard. Also, I do not know if the James Storm segment was necessary either. I do not believe it subtracted from the program. However, it did not add anything either.
It was not good for TNA that Brooke Hogan got a tepid response. TNA president Dixie Carter tried to build her up. The crowd was like “Who Cares?
And once again, Sting gets another opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. Do not get me wrong: Sting is one of my favorite wrestlers. He still can get the job done.
BUT IT IS TIME TO PASS THE TORCH NOW. 50-year old wrestlers cannot be getting opportunities at the world title. FAIL.

DreDaMan’s overall review of TNA IMPACT = 7/10

Lee Sanders overall review of TNA IMPACT= 7/10

James McConnahey’s review of TNA IMPACT= 6.5/10

 That concludes TNA Impact Wrestling live results for this week.

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