So as reported two weeks ago Scott Steiner was dismissed from the TNA organization. Since then the “Big Bad Booty Daddy” has been a one man band bashing the organization in Twitter rants. He’s said a lot of critical things throughout the week that could fill the roll of toliet paper so not all will be posted. Here’s some critcile points he made as we’ve taken the liberty of putting it neatly here. Enjoy!

April 13th-Scott Steiner on Garett Bischoff son of Eric Bischoff:

Ever since england they have made someone come out with garrett to make sure he wasnt booed.

First they made jeff hardy do it then last nite it was AJ Rvd Anderson that bcuz

over in England when hogan n garrett were in the ring and he said garrett was the future of wrestling.

Hogan n garrett got booed so bad they had to do multiple takes bcuz the booing was so bad!!!

But they fixed it in post-production to look like they were cheering when it aired but it still drew a bad rating

Listen dumbasses just bcuz u fixed it in post it still fn happen snap out of yur fantansy world n realize

Nobody gives a f*** about a guy who cant talk,wrestle and is the son of an asshole

b—hoff n hogan have no respect for the business or the ppl in Tna to do this bulls–t

Check out the graphic for the ppv,it has eric n garrett in fore front n everybody else that ppl care about

In the background thats bulls–t but they put everybody else in the match bcuz they know if they just

Put eric n garrett in a match ppl will s–t all over it..U want to drive b—hoff crazy bring signs to ppv

Saying 609 or chant 609 when he is in the ring,FYI make signs at building bcuz they take all signs that they dont like

Feel bad for the guys who have to put up with this bulls–t ,Garrett hasnt earnd the right to be on TV,, 10 matches f***

Flyin to toronto remember 609- 609 -609 save TNA


April 12th-Scott Steiner on Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff and changing the channel:

Getting alot of support from evrybody bcuz im sayin what they wish they could

Even guys from back in WCW who hogan kept his thumb on and Eric was an asshole to

Tonite is a good nite for you fans to help save TNA,so all u fans of AJ Roode Angle Abyss Sting Morgan Magnus Kazarian

Everybody who was a fan of Tna b4 b—hoff hogan n Pritchard f***d Tna up,tonite during the show

If u see hogan b—hoff or his son turn the channel..wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss amything

Except their bulls–t..and it will give u fans a voice thru the nielson ratings

Lets show these assholes that we dont want their bulls–t and its time to save TNA from the same fate as WCW


Scott Steiner on Hogan for bashing Robert Roode not being ready & the TNA storylines that make no sense:

When i look at hogan i see the same thing as the nielson ratings system does …….low f–kn ratings

Hogan also attackd Bobby Roode on the radio b4 he was going to wrestle Kurt Angle

In Philli on ppv sayn Roode wasnt ready,Ive wrestled Bobby a bunch of times n he wrestles hard every nite n he can go

He can talk,wrestle and looks good,and hes proving that hogan doesnt know s–t(except that garrett is the future)..WTF

At the ppv he was pissd n went up to Pritchard and told him he was going on the radio and calling hogan out

And Pritchard beggd him not to,so i see him n he tells me what happend,I told him thats whats hogan does,

In WCW hogan put his thumb on evrybody,deciding who wins in every match bcuz he has creative control in his contract

Hogan shows up and changes the outcome of his match,Bobby was going to kill him but he kept his cool

Every tv every ppv the place is zoo a circus bcuz these assholes change things every hour,the storylines are stupid and dont make sense

And when u ask questions they cant give u a reason why they want u to do something that doesnt make sense

And since hogan b—hoff n pritchard brought the chaos the circus to Tna they also brought their own clown,midget

Which is Jason Hervey,(yep that one)the insignicant bro in wonder years this 5’5″ midget walks around

Fn crazy,why is he there hes business partners with b—hoff just like hogan n b—hoff are business partners

Now do u know why Tna is the titanic and is sinking fast…..Need to save TNA

They are doin the same stupid bulls–t that they did in WCW..except now instead of pushing Flairs son David

To the point where he beat Chris Benoit,he is now pushing his own son,where is David Flair today

Ive seen all this s–t b4,Remember he made David Arquette champion,f–k!!Ted Turner ownd WCW and they ran it into the ground

And he was a multi multi BILLIONAIRE

We were all in the back sayin WTF are we in the twilight zone ….fn crazy

That same wkend he was suppose to go on ESPN and promote the ppv,so he is on the show

And the host ask him whats his most embarassing monent in the ring..remember hes there to promote the ppv

He says wrestling Andre and he s–ts himself…the host asks him a couple more questions

Which i dont remember bcuz im on the floor belly laughing..then the host thanks him for bn on the show

And he says “Be COOL EAT FRUIT…thats right BE COOL EAT FRUIT…WTF way to promote the ppv DUMBASS

Sanders Analysis: The man is on point is all I can say as everything he is saying is honest and he’s keeping it real. Going to be talking more about this on the Tuesday night edition of THE RCWR SHOW so do tune in!