Impact Wrestling 9-19-13So another episode of IMPACT WRESTLING has come & gone this week and it’s left me feeling like the Alice In Chains song “Hollow”. I know, I know some of you are probably saying but what about AJ Styles and Dixie Carter? I’ll get to that shortly.

We saw some really great matches this week on IMPACT WRESTLING as ODB defeated Mickie James to become Knockouts champion. Despite seeing ODB become champion I couldn’t help but feel melancholy. No doubt ODB is a great wrestler and she hasn’t tasted Knockouts championship in three years but part of me felt sad because of the understanding that Mickie James TNA contract has expired and by the looks of things she wants out from the company. The Knockouts division is in a very rough spot these days as it’s been a revolving door far as the number of talents that’s been coming and going. Taeler Hendrix, Madison Rayne, Tara, Angelina Love, Daffney, Nikki Roxx, Taryn Terrell, Rosita, Sarita, So Cal Val all have parted ways from the promotion. When I think of ODB as champion I think of the Metallica song “King Nothing” because to me ODB is a champion of nothing as there’s no one to fight for the title. Sure there’s Gail Kim, maybe Velvet Sky (if TNA can pull her away from Chris Sabin) and Brooke Tessmacher (if they can pull her away from Bully Ray and Aces & Eights) but that’s about all. Folks will grow tired of the same match ups very quickly.

The smart booking would have been to see Mickie James defeat ODB and then cut a promo afterwards saying how the fans in TNA haven’t truly appreciated a woman of her talents and that she’s not returning until they learn to treat her as a mega star. Exit Mickie James and the Knockouts title. Great way to have many people talking I think.

Despite Robbie E being embarrassed by Eric Young and Joseph Park twice in less than three minutes it was nice seeing him and Robbie E get some camera time. These guys have a great look and are deserving of in-ring action. I’m really hoping that this program with Park and EY goes on for a couple weeks. Probably one of the best segments on IMPACT WRESTLING this week was Bully Ray squaring off against his Aces & Eights brothers. Bros before hoes was their message to the TNA champion as it seems Bully has been kitty whipped by his new squeeze. To see a guy like Mike Knox step up to Bully Ray was very refreshing as it made me say it’s about damn time. For those who forget or don’t know Mike Knox is truly a beast in the ring. Don’t believe me? Just go check out a handful of his matches when he was in the WWE, in particular when he was part of the new ECW. He was used sparingly after the promotion was dropped but you’ll agree that he and Bully could have a good match or two have done properly.

EGO or the Extraordinary Gentlemen Only stable of Roode, Daniels, Kazarian have the greatest potential in TNA to be a stable everyone will be talking about as you have three of the very best guys in TNA put together. There momentum has dropped a bit since the BFG but let’s hope with this win over Main Event Mafia this week it’s putting them in a position where they’ll be getting a major push. Speaking of MEM, what’s going on with them feuding with Aces & Eights? Wasn’t too long ago we heard that MEM was reformed to get the TNA title off Bully Ray and destroy Aces & Eights. Well maybe it’s for the best they aren’t feuding with them since it would be a 3-4 handicap in favor of A&E. Just a bit odd though they all of a sudden aren’t focused on them wouldn’t you agree?

That leaves us with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. What should be regarded as one of the best segments of IMPACT WRESTLING to me was awkward to watch. Why is it that AJ Styles seems to be relevant only when Dixie Carter is involved? Some of you may be offended by that question especially if you’re AJ Styles fans so let me explain further. Wasn’t it just last year that AJ Styles was involved in a storyline where he was accused by Daniels & Kazarian of having an affair with TNA President Dixie Carter? This stretched out for many weeks until it morphed into the Claire Lynch angle. This week we saw at times an awkward and shaken Dixie Carter try to find her way through her promo which many perceived as a heel like promo being cut on AJ Styles, reminding him that he wouldn’t be where he is right now if it wasn’t for her and her family. We saw Dixie Carter grab a cameraman’s headset to demand the feed be cut off to end the episode as everything went black. This didn’t have any IMPACT on me what so ever.

I applaud Dixie Carter for using the feedback she received from #ASKDIXIE several weeks back as she and TNA are using it as the platform for their current storyline. It’s a great concept when you think about it because she’s taking the comments from those saying she woke up one day and decided to beg her parents for money to buy a wrestling company, bringing in MMA fighters, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff hurting the brand, she’s a female that has no business being in wrestling, etc. My only compliant is that I wish this would’ve been done sooner. I say this because I feel it’s a little bit too late and on top of all that I question Dixie Carter’s motive for getting into this current story arc. After making occasion appearances at pay-per-views, Dixie Carter the on-air character has been making IMPACT WRESTLING appearances 2009 and it’s continued to grow more and more. Combined with her having her own action figure which gets heavy promotion, plugs of her Twitter handle being advertised weekly on IMPACT WRESTLING, advertising of fans being able to meet her in person at some live events when they pay $40-$50 for her action figure, ambitions of being in a reality show has me really wondering if vanity has gotten the best of Dixie.

IMPACT WRESTLING should be all about the wrestlers and not who signs there paychecks. It be different if Dixie Carter was a wrestler that made the transition to an executive role like Triple H to WWE but that’s not even the case. This to me just seems like a poor, watered down excuse for TNA creative to try and make Dixie be a heel in the same fashion of what’s currently going on in the WWE. At the end of the day though when you really look at the segment Dixie didn’t go heel, she just put an employee in check. Think I’m wrong? Go back and really dissect her promo and you’ll find she didn’t say anything degrading to AJ Styles except the truth which was he hadn’t done anything superb in quite some time. Well Dixie AJ did win the BFG series but I guess we’re not counting that. We all know that AJ Styles has supposedly been in contract negotiations with TNA as it was revealed on this week’s IMPACT WRESTLING that AJ isn’t under contract right now. This is another good move by TNA as many fans wonder if he’s going to head to WWE, ROH, etc. TNA using these elements along with feedback from #ASKDIXIE to make good television.

It’s a noble effort but for me personally I’m not too keen on seeing AJ Styles take on Dixie Carter in his quest to become TNA champion. Let’s hope that what we saw this week isn’t truly the beginning of a heel Dixie because with that comes a stable and with that stable comes it’s members who will take orders from Dixie to do anything possible to stop AJ Styles from becoming champion. With that stable means more camera time for Dixie Carter and at the end of the day that’s not what TNA should be about. There’s no doubt that AJ Styles has a guaranteed victory at BFG on October 20th and will become TNA champion otherwise Magnus would’ve won the series. The flip side to this though is that for the past two years AJ Styles has only been relevant thanks a large part to Dixie Carter’s involvement. In my honest opinion this hurts AJ Styles and his core fans because they know he’s better than this. TNA fans deserve better as I remember a time when AJ didn’t need Dixie to help him get over. Morale of this story boys and girls, too much Dixie Carter can be a bad thing for business.

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