Brock_Lesnar_Dana_WhiteDuring the post-UFC 145 press conference on Saturday night in Atlanta, UFC president Dana White said that he supports Brock Lesnar returning to WWE.

“When he did the deal with the WWE, all the rumblings started with you guys,” White told reporters. “He never called me. He never told me. He didn’t have to. It was always up front and said in his deal, he could do the WWE.” White added, “I’m happy for him. To do what he did in the WWE, came here and did what he did, now he’s back over there. Good for him; good for them.”

Sanders Analysis: Just had to chime in on this and share my thoughts. It seems like ever since Brock Lesnar retired from the UFC and came back to the WWE, everyone has been wondering if Dana White would be upset, if Dana White may try to take some type of course of legal action if any. A lot of drama was being made out of nothing and by these words I hope settles the doubt any had. Now that this is in the books let’s move on already, I mean Dana has!